The Wanting

From the author of NOT ME, this powerful novel of an Israeli father and daughter brings to life a rich canvas of events and unexpected change in the aftermath of a suicide bombing.

In the captivating opening of THE WANTING, the celebrated Russian-born postmodern architect Roman Guttman is injured in a bus bombing; his life and perceptions become heightened and disturbed, leading him on an ill-advised journey into Palestinian territory. Roman’s desert odyssey alternates with the vivacious, bittersweet diary of his 13-year-old daughter Anyusha (on her own perilous path, of which Roman is ignorant) and the startlingly alive witnessings of Amir, the young Palestinian who pushed the button and is now damned to observe the havoc he has wrought from a shaky beyond. Enriched also by flashbacks to the alluring sad tale of Anyusha’s mother, a famous Russian Refusenik who died for her beliefs, this novel becomes a poignant study of the costs of extremism, but is most satisfying as a story of characters enmeshed in their imperfect love for one another, and for the heartbreakingly complex world in which all such love is wrought.

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